Random White Girl Names

Everyone knows at least one person who’s name you can’t remember or they can’t remember yours. For me the one person who can’t remember my name is a teacher at my school. Everyone else’s name is stored somewhere in his head, but not mine. Now I wouldn’t say anything about this if he had only recently joined the school, but he has been there for longer than I have, taught me for a year and led three of the school councils I was on.

Many times when he has wanted to talk to me but can’t remember my name as he passes me in a corridor he has shouted random white girl names after me. For example, he wanted to ask me about a girl in the year below who I was supposed to be looking after. However, as he couldn’t remember my name he shouted names such as:
Louise, Elizabeth, Victoria, Laura, Bethan, Flora, Violet, etc. Eventually he got to my name.

My name is a “traditional English” name which, in a school of mainly Asian names, you would assume is relatively easy to remember. But apparently this is not the case. How is it that a supply I have never met before can remember my name throughout a whole double lesson after taking the register once or, in one case, for a different lesson the next day but the teacher at my school can’t? Is there a way of getting him to remember my name? Or will I just have to spend the next year and a half having random white girl names shouted after me?


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