May the Welfare System Rest in Peace

Last week the final, fatal blow has been inflicted on the Welfare state in the form of the benefits cap. This cap will stop the most vulnerable people in our society having the financial means of providing their basic needs.

The cost of housing in London is so high now that people are forced to move away, regardless of their family. At least 3 people since 2012 in my school have had to leave the area because they can’t afford to live here. Two have moved to Barking and one to Wales. Have we really come to this?! Having to pull children out of schools and moving whole families away from the place that they had settled in because rent is sky high and benefits are rapidly decreasing. Is this really the way forward Britain?

Health and money go hand in hand it is sad to say. Children living in deprived areas in poorer families are more likely to suffer from extreme nutritional problems than those who live in richer families in more privileged areas. A child may suffer from nutritional deficiencies from lack of food or proper nutrition resulting in obesity or malnourishment. If you have little or no income then you have to save where you can, and if that’s the quality of your children’s food then, hey, at least they’re eating. Most of the children in my school eat KFC for most of their meals a week as this is the quickest and cheapest thing their parents can give them.

These are just a few of the benefits that will be affected by the cap:
Carer’s Allowance
Child Benefit
Child Tax Credit
Employment and Support Allowance
Guardian’s Allowance
Housing Benefit
Incapacity Benefit
Income Support
Jobseeker’s Allowance
Maternity Allowance
Severe Disablement Allowance

If vital benefits like these are capped at 1% then the living conditions of poorer people will fall. We are failing these people, who we as a society should be doing our utmost to help. How did we as a nation become so stingy and selfish?


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