The shame of AKB48

Yesterday a recording of a 20 year old woman in Japan shaving her head and begging for forgiveness went viral. Her crime? Having a boyfriend.

Minegishi Minami, from the Japanese girl pop group AKB48, released a video her shaving her head, as a plea for forgiveness for being caught spending the night with her boyfriend. The band has a strict no dating rule so it can continue to appeal to its largely male fan base. AKB48 also appeals to its male fans by having the band dress in provocative, school girl like clothes and sing controversial and suggestive lyrics.

Now I’m not sure which angers me more, a woman having to apologise for having a boyfriend or having a whole band of girls become sexual objects to appeal to an audience. At 20 she is old enough to decide if and who she dates, and no person or organisation has the right to tell her otherwise. She should also not have to feel the necessity to shave her head and publicly apologise for this. Secondly, the objectification of these young girls, 14-20, is so devastatingly wrong. Not only feminists but women across the world should be quivering with anger! The use of these women to entertain the band’s male fans fantasies of these seemingly innocent yet suggestive young girls is just sickening. How has this not been ended by 2013?! When and how will these things stop? Or is this something that young women must just get used to?



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3 responses to “The shame of AKB48

  1. mmmusee

    Have you seen the AKB0048 anime series?

  2. Amen on all points. To be honest, though, I like the music of Morning Musumne more than AKB, but the double standards that have been applied to all idol groups really annoys me.

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