Stupid Drugs

Drugs. Every school in the country will have someone doing drugs in/around the school. But what always gets to me is the stupidity of the kids in my school that do it. Example: last week three boys in my form were caught smoking weed. Not smart, why get high in school in the first place? But they got caught because they were smoking outside our head of year’s (HoY) office! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you’re smoking in a small corridor, which happened to hold the HoY’s office, you will get caught.

This is the most … careless way anyone in the school has been caught smoking but it’s obvious when the year 10/11’s have had a cigarette as the staircases always stink. Naturally, the school has a plan to “stop” the year 11’s smoking. Lock all the ones they think smoke in a room and escort them to and from lunch. This, of course, doesn’t work. The school only manages to get maximum half of the year 11’s that smoke who just bunk afternoon registration to have smoke instead. But it is a valiant effort on the school behalf.


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