Was Woolwich Terrorism?

As most will be aware, two weeks ago in Woolwich, a British soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight. The media were quick to conclude the events to be a terrorist attack on the west as the attackers were revealed to be Muslim. Now I am in no way condoning what happened, it was a horrific event, but I am furious in the coverage of the attack.

In the days after the attack, BBC’s main story was that the men attended Friday prayers at an Islamic centre. It was implied that this would be suspicious behaviour and points to possible plots against Britain. How does this make any sense? Friday prayers are the most important prayers of the week. This implication would make as much sense as suggesting that a Catholic attending Sunday Mass must belong to the IRA.

Secondly, christening the attack as being a terrorist attack is now pretty much meaningless. Do you know the definition of terrorist? “The systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion.” however, terrorism is now synonymous with Islam. The numerous attacks from groups such as the English Defence League (EDL)on Muslims have not been classed as acts of terror. A 75-year-old man was stabbed to death on his way back from a mosque in Birmingham and was called a “possibly racial attack”. The coverage of the attacks on the Islamic community in the last few weeks have been miniscule. Women have been knocked unconscious, have had their hijab ripped from them in the middle of streets, men have been attacked by mobs and mosques have been attacked but have all been practically (or strategically) ignored. Some statistics for you to digest from the Guardian:

If I am being perfectly honest, the attack in Woolwich has not struck me as an act of terrorism as I have no new-found fear. However, the acts from the EDL and other similar organisations, have given me a sense of fear. I am now more cautious about going out with other people who may deem to be Muslim because of their ethnicity or who are Muslim for fear of attack. This has not stopped me from going out but i am much more aware of the unlikely possibility of being attacked. These are the “terrorist” organisations that the government should be worried about. These groups who use violence and intimidation to pass on a weak and insane message of “Britain for the British” and attack those who are against them. I am fearful of being seen in my area with my friends for fear of attack. Yes what happened in Woolwich was barbaric and wrong, but what is happening across the country since, is what the dictionary defines as terrorism.


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