“White People Food”

This post is inspired from a free R.E lesson I had earlier this year. I would like to apologise if anyone finds this somehow offensive but that’s part of the inspiration for the post.

What classes as white people food? Asian food can be clearly classed into either Chinese- noodles or rice – or Indian – curry- ( I am aware that there are other types of Asians that are not Chinese or Indian but these were the two main categories in the lesson). Then there’s black people food – chicken – but then the lines get hazy. South American is generally spicy, Somalians have bananas with everything, Italians live off Pasta and Pizza and the French on Snails, but where then? What do British, white, people eat? Well that depends. The first answer was “FISH AND CHIPS!” Obviously… When I asked “is that what you think I eat?” They said “oh no ‘course not! You’re posh!” “Ok, so what do “posh” people eat?” “Venison and truffles right?” NOOOOOOO! I wish! If I could eat venison and truffles everyday I would be a happy woman. Then one of the Bengali girls says “yes coz if my mum knew I was having you over and that you’re white she’d get trifle, Yorkshire pudding, pasta, fancy meat, everything! And none of us would be allowed to eat until the white people were done”. I would be annoyed at this because if I went to a Bengali house I would really want Bengali food! Screw having Yorkshire pudding, bring on the samosas!

So, what does class as white people or english food? Well you tell me because I have no idea.


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