The Road

As part of my English homework for the summer I must write a review of Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road. This is my personal review of the book.

I would like an apology from Cormac McCarthy, for the atrocity and the abuse of the English language that is The Road. I could only read this tragedy 20 pages at a time before I broke down in tears. This book is horrifically bad. There is little evidence of an actual plot line, the lack of punctuation renders the book confusing and difficult to read and there is no real depth to either of the characters.

I know about bad literature, I’ve read Wuthering Heights! But this is beyond anything I have read. I genuinely cannot understand what all the hype for this is about. The lack of plot, detail to anything other than a vague description of the road is none existent and uninteresting characters make this a terrible book


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