Panic Attacks – What Does Gove Expect?

My first post after an eventful summer holidays leading to year 11. That much closer to leaving school, a great thing. Right? Wrong! May the year of panic attacks, stress, non existent sleeping patterns and caffeine fuelled days begin. The first half term has almost finished and already two girls have shown signs of suffering from anxiety and having frequent, dramatic panic attacks. The work load, the decisions on deciding colleges and A Levels are the most stressful things any of us have had to deal with, and we have all done at least two exams in the last few years.

But the new regulations brought in by the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove is making everything so much worse. Early exams spreads everything across three years rather than taking 20 odd exams at the end of year 11. No longer allowing us to do retakes in exams is something I do not understand the logic behind. Would you apply the same rule to a driving test? One shot at passing your test or you are never allowed to sit it again. Of course not! Well why is it any different to GCSEs? In fact, doing retakes further you understanding of the subject and you’re more likely to remember what you learn for longer as it is being cemented into your memory.

But fine Gove, if you want a country of young people who could have passed their English/maths paper but missed it by a few marks because you fiddled with the grade boundaries, you do that.


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