Crippling Budget

Over the election David Cameron tried to convince the electorate that the conservatives were the party for the working people. Well, if five years of a Tory coalition government hadn’t shown us what a load of rubbish that statement was, George Osborne’s new budget certainly does. Cutting tax credits, removing housing benefits for 18-21 year olds, cutting the university maintenance grant and lowering the benefits cap violently contradicts Cameron’s claim of a Tory party which is sympathetic to working class people. These cuts, coupled with raising the thresholds for the 40p tax and the inheritance tax seems to back up the traditional idea that the Tories look out for their “own”, the middle/upper classes. 
Cutting housing benefit for young people and capping benefits will make life increasingly difficult for poorer, low income families. Preventing young people from being able to move out but further reducing the income of a household will not amount to Osborne’s mantra of a “low tax, low welfare, high income” country; it will result in a rising population living in poverty, struggling to make ends meet. The scapegoat portrayal of those supported by benefits are that they are “scroungers” bringing images of Victorians and the deserving and undeserving poor. In reality, working people on low wages need the support of benefits just as much as people who are unemployed due to such low wages. 
Moreover, cutting the maintenance grant for students will make going on to university’s been more of a dilemma. If the plans to raise fees to £11,500 was not off putting enough, taking away the maintenance could make working class students even more reluctant to go on to uni. I have had friends say to me that they can’t move from their house to become even more poverty stricken as a result of this. If this attitude is widespread, the Tories have limited our future resources by deterring brilliant people from going on to university by making it more and more expensive.
These cuts are appalling, they are enabling wealthy people to hold on to more and more of their wealth and taking away the life line for those living in poverty and depend on the welfare state to survive.


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  1. Quite right too. Shame the Labour Party don’t seem as fired up as you are to oppose what’s happening.

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