Hello one and all, and welcome to my blog. May I thank you in advance for clicking on this. Well, what is “this” exactly you may ask? What an excellent question my good reader. This, ladies and gentlemen is my anonymous diary of what it is really like to be a white, middle class, teenage girl living and going to school in Tower Hamlets.

For those of you who are not aware of Tower Hamlets, we are one of the five 2012 Olympic boroughs with some of the more… um… interesting history. I’m sure most of you have your own ideas on what inner city-state schools are like. A timetable of: stabbings on Monday, heavy Class B+ drugs abuse on Tuesday, binge drinking on Wednesday, some year 11 girl knocked up on Thursday and a shooting on Friday. Sounds exactly what some sections of the media want you to believe, no? Well it’s a lie! Yes, occasionally there are drugs, the odd teenage pregnancy and fights, but can you say that is only exclusive to inner city schools in recent years? Of course not.

My ambition is to change your minds on schools like mine by showing you my perspective of life in a Tower Hamlets school. My perspective being, that I am the 1 of 2 white children and 1 of 4 atheists in a year group of 210, mostly bengali muslims. Now to make it perfectly clear, I love life at my school, being submerged in a completely different culture to mine and learning about it. I feel that had I gone to a private school I would have missed this amazing experience. However, sometimes the differences can also cause some friction. So, this is my blog to help you see a bigger, clearer picture of inner city-state schools. Enjoy


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  1. Just one thing on my “wish list”. A few paragraphs. It does make things easier to read:)

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