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Ridiculous Uniform – Part 2

And on the eleventh month it froze. It is now November, and freezing, so of course we have to wear winter coats. The school rules state only that the coat must be black. However, I have been told that the inch of fur on my black jacket is in breech of these rules and will be confiscated tomorrow during a school wide coat check. What?! In near freezing conditions, you are prepared to confiscate a coat for an inch of fur that isn’t black?

I have basically been asked to buy another brand new jacket, roughly £50, because of this. I understand the need for uniform rules and regulations, but if the school insists on enforcing unwritten rules do they really expect parents in the country’s poorest borough to fork out £50 for this? The demand to get a new jacket by tomorrow is unreasonable and illogical. How can I get a new coat by then? It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, both my parents work until 5 every night. They cannot drop everything because the school doesn’t like the inch if non black fur on my coat.

I have been told flat out that had the fur on my coat been black I would not have a problem. Looks like my solutions are to a) buy another brand new jacket or b) paint the fur black. Looks like I’m going to have paint stains on my hand for a while…


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