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Period 7, We’re Exhausted

To raise exam standards in school, Senior Management Team (SMT), decided to introduce mandatory 7th lessons at least twice a week. This sounds great right? Extra maths and English mentoring for those who need it and for everyone, else extra lessons in other subjects? Well in theory it should be ace. But of course, the system is flawed.

The set lists for subjects have become law. God forbid you want to go to revision in a different subject! Last half term I had to do German speaking controlled assessment but finished it in the first extra period. So for the next 4 weeks on a Thursday I did nothing. We were not allowed to go to a different lesson, revise in the library or go home. The lessons were unproductive to day the least.

Period 7 has also left us exhausted. For those doing English/maths mentoring they have to do an extra hour of school everyday and come in on Saturday 9-12. The rest of us have to come in on Saturdays for various subjects and most lunch times for work. We are all, including the members of staff, exhausted! Expected to do normal school 9-3-15 and then more lessons 3:15-4:15 (with a 30 minute combined break throughout the day) and then do another two hours of work when you get home. We aren’t robots!


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