Serena and Gone Girl, feminist works

I have recently read Serena by Ron Rash and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. These two books can be hailed as feminist works by portraying strong yet psychopathic female characters. There are now finally characters edging away from the stereotypical female characters of being either virginal and nurturing or a “slut”. Of course women can be any number of characters, but even female roles in books and films are generally pointed towards these two character basis someway or another. 

Maybe I have only recently been aware of this portayal of women in books and films so I have only recently started picking up on the typical character prototypes. However, there don’t seem to be many books or films showing women where care, nurturing and sex are not the main issues in the motivations of their character.  

If you know of any other books with strong female roles, then please send them my way in the comments.


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